How to change Character encoding


I would like to type text as unicode encoding, but it seems that there is no setting to change character encoding.
If you know how to change character encoding, would you tell me the way setting that?

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Hey @ymichigoe

Uipath Studio version- 2016.2.6274

Support for multiple languages when reading and writing in your automation process has now been added to file and CSV (Read Text File, Write Text File, Append Line, Read CSV, Write CSV and Append to CSV) activities. To support this, a new property, Encoding, has been added and enables you to input the character encoding of your choice, as a string.

So you you can take input from csv,text and then type into where you needs.


HI, @aksh1yadav

Thank you for quick reply!
I understand what you mean.

In another case, when we would like to get datatable including platform dependent characters from Excel Application Scope, characters are garbled.
(We use Half-width Kana which is platform dependent characters)
Or is it better to change environment config of Excel Application?

I am sorry to bother you again.
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