How to change a specific value on a cell in a spreadsheet after executing

Dear Colleagues,

I am developing an automated process and i am using a value inside the spreadsheet as identifier to execution, i am using a colunm with the “false” value set, so when the bot reads the spreadsheet it filter to only execute the rows with the “false” value on this column, but when the bot ends the false value still the same, there is any way that i could update this table without creating a new one ?

Hope you guys can help me out ! :slight_smile:

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You canupdate a specific cell we can use WRITE CELL ACTIVITY where we can mention the input in string format between double quotes “False” or “True”
And mention the cell position for example like “C3”
So mention the cell position to which we will be updating the value

Cheers @Lucas_Silva

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Hi Palany,
Thanks for your help, i think i mis-explained it. Let me explain it better.

My bot runs at this following steps: Read a excel spreadsheet -> Filter the table for the rows that contain “FALSE” -> store the information that i need in a QueueItems -> Then a Process start running -> finish executing > if it had runned as it should change the “FALSE” state to “TRUE”.

I stopped to think about it and i was wondering if there is a way to get the Cell that has the “FALSE” (C5 for example) value for every "row "and them storage that data and when the workflow finish the process execution it simply calls thia variable that is in the queue item and got the cell location. Do you have any ideia in how to do it ?

I am really looking forward this, and Thank you in advance.

So you are using Orchestrator Queue to store some information your process needs to use, when this process finishes you want it to go back to that excel cell and change the value to TRUE? You can inset that cell range as custom property so the process know where it should update that value…

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Hi bcorrea,
Thanks for you attention.

How can i do this ? i`m new at RPA so i am not familiarized with custom properties.

For better understanding how to help, would be nice to see how far you have managed to go with your project…

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Dear bcorrea,

I wish i could show you my project but iam afraid i cant, im working with confidential data of my company, so iam not authorized to show it to people.

i know that is asking too much, but do you have any material that i can study custom properties, or any example that you share with me ?

Would be something like this: