How to change a sheet name in modern experience

Thanks for that, so you say I cant even use create pivot table for this file?

No. It’s a CSV file. It’s just a text file. There’s no sheets, no formatting, no nothing. Just text.

If you want to do Excel stuff with it, make it an actual Excel file (open it in Excel, Save As, select Excel as the format)

I realized there’s a much better way to convert it to Excel. Use Read CSV to get it into a datatable, then use Write Range to create an Excel file and name the sheet whatever you want.

Hi, I try to use read csv but says Line 3 contains more values than heaeder
So i change it to read text create a data base but the info is messup
There is a way i can save the file using the xlsx?
Like i do manualy using save as .xlsx

You will have to fix the CSV so it’s correct.

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