How to change a particular column of an excel sheet



I had performed data scrapping to capture data from webpage and saved it in the excel sheet. each column has a header name, and the header with the name URL needs to be changed. As the name suggests the URL header contains url of a specific page, i wish to add “” before each url that is there in the sheet

In my workflow i was able to capture each url and after attaching “” i saved it in a variable named as “secondurl” but i am not getting the idea how to replace it with the old one. Can anyone please help me

Main.xaml (8.1 KB)
test.xlsx (8.6 KB)


I hope this will helpful to You…
attach.xaml (9.7 KB)



@Hemanth Thanks for the reply, your workflow is replacing the old url with the new one, but the first url is getting replaced as “” can you please give it a look


Sorry i can’t get You…
Plz…Explain briefly…




Currently I have an excel sheet that has a data like this

> Position           URL       Company      Location
> Develope     /xyz/123/xyz        ABC         US
> Manager      /xyz/132/asd        ASD         US
> Tester       /xyz/142/asf        ABD         US

I wish to capture all the url from this sheet and add “” before them and replace the old url with the new url so that the sheet becomes like this

Position        URL                       Company  Location
Developer    ABC       US
Manager    ASD       US
Tester    ABD       US

Your workflow is doing this task but is doing from the second url, so through your workflow i am getting output like this

Position        URL                       Company  Location
Developer            ABC       US
Manager    ASD       US
Tester    ABD       US

Hope I was able to clear the concept through this example


I think you have to enable Add header check box of Read Range in properties Panel…



@Hemanth Did that but still not getting the desired result


Send ur final workflow…


Hi, @samya

This is my output:



Try this flow…
particular value in excel.xaml (13.2 KB)
Particular value in excel.xlsx (8.5 KB)


@Poovarasan2 I am getting the error Assign : Column ‘URL’ does not belong to table


Follow what @Hemanth says,


Thanks, it is working but there is one thing, in present sheet there are 5 entries so the sheet is getting opened and close for 5 times, i will be having more than 500 entries in a sheet. will it be better to open the sheet once and do all the changes and then close it rather than opening and closing it for 500+ times


It worked had a little error from my end, Thanks a lot


In Excel Application Scope there is a option called Visible
If the option is Enable the excel application will open and close.
Suppose it will disable the excel application will not open for everytime…




It worked nicely, Thanks a lot