How to catch an exception caused by unexpected process termination and then send out an alert email


I am working on a project to monitor the server performance and need to make sure the robot is working all the time and I am expecting to catch when there is an exception caused by unexpected process termination and send out an email to the designated recipient.I used the try catch approach,and tried to simulate to end the process using task manager but it does not work.Is there anyone can shed me some light and guide me out?

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Hi Robin,

I am not sure if this will help you.
The orchestrator is able to send email alerts if a job is faulted.

Hi @robinhe69 i just wanted to let you know how i managed to solve the problem.

It requires development skills.

I developed an Windows service, wich looked at an custom log file that the robot writes to when working.
The service checks this log file all the time, and the minute where nothing has been written to the log file it sends out an email.

I write this answer since, i belive that there must be a similar solution on the internet that you can use.