How to capture webpage screenshot using the unattended bot?

Can you help with the steps to capture the web browser screenshot?

1. We are using the community version of UiPath
2. The BOT is triggered via. BAT file via. Window’s scheduler
3. The BOT is running Unattended on the virtual desktop. The server is locked.
4. If the BOT is executed in attended mode then the screenshot activity works perfectly as expected but while running the BOT in unattended mode, the screenshot activity captures the locked desktop screenshot instead of the browser.
5. The screenshot activity is called within the Open Browser activity and the expectation is that the BOT should capture browser screenshots instead of the locked desktop.
6. The screenshot activity “Selector” property is set as:

Looking forward to hearing from the UiPath community.


Welcome to our UiPath community.

Just give it a try once without indicating any screen using Take Screenshot activity and check it.

It works fine if we remove the text in attended mode, but in unattended mode it will capture the screenshot of desktop locked screen.

Hi Folks - I am looking for suggestions on the above problem i.e. How to capture the browser screenshot in the unattended mode on VDI. Can anyone provide guidance on the same?