How to capture "Upload Yearly Report" Button

Hi, have to capture the Upload Yearly Report but when I click on Report icon then only it’s showing when I go off page it’s doesn’t showing.


You have a problem with the selector ? Or the click activity ?

if it is the selector then Use the ui explorer, and press F2 then click on “Reports” and then click on upload yearly report you will have the correct selector.

If it the activity try with checking the simulate click option.

No, In first activity I have to click image but in the next activity I have to select the Upload Yearly Report option

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Yes, so you created 2 click activity ?

hi @balkishan

you can use navigate to acitvity as well

just pass this url :frowning:

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If you’re facing difficulty in finding correct selector, then alternatively you can click manually on Upload Yearly report button and find the URL. Use this URL under navigate URL activity and this will redirect to the same page.

Please note that you might need to add parameters in the URL for each record.

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No bro, My question is

  1. First activity I want to capture Report (It’s done)
  2. I have to capture the Upload Yearly Reports but this option is visible when you bring your cursor on the Reports button. But while capturing you can’t press the Reports button.


For step 2, record that step with desktop recorder and once you finish recording, you’ll get your all activities in your workflow.

@balkishan use F2 in your keyboard, Note that when you want to select the Upload Yearly Report it doesn’t show so you click F2 then go to Upload Yearly Report when the selector comes after the delay then will be able to select Upload Yearly Report

@tshedzamclay, Hi your method is good but I don’t know how to do it…

I know the recording but I don’t want to capture by recording.

this is an overmouse button (for Reports) so use the navigate to activity, this is easier

You are not not capturing by recording so it like when you click Report but before you click to select for this one click F2 then move your mouse to Upload Yearly Report after it’s done counting you will be able to select Upload Yearly Report

F2 is used to delay you from clicking or an item for about 3 seconds


Please find the attached workflow. In this file two solutions are there. You have to place these activities inside attach browser activity. Which ever you want you can use it.

  1. Hover and click activity
  2. Navigate To Activity

Please let me know if you have any doubts.

Test.xaml (10.2 KB)

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When you click Indicate on screen on your second click

Press F2 if you are ACME move you mouse to Upload Yearly Reoport then will be able to do what you want to do.