How to capture the status field

Hi, I am stucking in a serious issue.
Where I am checking the the Eligibile and Not Eligible status. Against the number which I indicating by a yellow color arrow.
Scenario - Like I am login to the portal and fill the details. Then if you see this Not Eligible & Eligible when we check the result it’s showing Pending after 10-15 sec it’s giving the result Eligible or Not Eligible. So I have to capture this result.
If you can see, If I capture the Eligible. so it will give the result for the old request which already processed. I want the result for current number. Attache the screenshot.

@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman

Please help how can I check this.

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did data scrapping or Find children activity helped us on this
Cheers @balkishan

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Hi, can you pls show me the selector for that Eligible or Not Eligible field ,
If that selector is having an attribute for.Row number then the logic is easy

Hi Palani, I didn’t try to use the Find Children Activity here. But can you please suggest me. How can we accomplished this. Bcz every time I am inserting one I’d and checking the result. I want to store take the result in boolean like if Eligible status then my Element Exist give the True otherwise False. So how can we use here. I am confused because we have the Old history also in the same page. I don’t want the activity give the result based on the old history. I want to capture the result for current result checking against the Id number. @vinay_reddy

Hi Buddy , Didn’t understand what actually you want to get from there
Can you elaborate more
As per my understanding this is what you want to do , correct me if I am wrong

Check each record which is having that Number and get the value whether it is Eligible or Not Eligible

is it correct ?

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No bro,

I always want to check for the first record only. Like first I will login to the portal then insert the ID number, then will give me the result on first record only. First it will show the pending the later after 30 second it will give Eligible or Not Eligible.

we’re not checking for all the records, we’re checking only for the first records. Next time if we will check then the first records will go down. now the latest will on the top. Hope you understand bro.

Note: - This status will change from pending to Eligible or Not Eligible after 30 seconds.

@Palaniyappan @vinay_reddy @lakshman @Lahiru.Fernando

Can you please post the Selector of the ‘Pending’ field
so can give you next steps what you can do to verify that

Open it in Ui Explorer and Please give all the Attributes that are displaying for that Element

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Here is the selectors.


Thank you
Once you do the Insert ID number , now
Please use Get attribute Activity and use the attributes in selector as
aaname , Parentclass,Tablerow, Tablecol

And in the Get Attribute use ‘aaname’ and take the Value as output String variable Ex: Status
Then use switch Activity to check the output of the variable
In the Switch Activity logic
Then create case for each expected Output like
“Not Eligible”
And put the activities what you want to do in each case


sorry bro, didn;t get you properly.

As I suggested we’re checking only for the first records. bcz this is our latest record which we’re checking the status. IF Eligible then True if Not Eligible then False.

But this switch I didn’t understand. Pending will show only for the 20-30 sec After this it’s changed and give the result in Eligible or Not Eligible.

Main.xaml (9.6 KB)

Hi ,

Please see the Attached workflow
You need to add selector for Get attribute
if you add selector like the below , it will always check at 1st row only

ColName =‘Status’ , Parentclass = ‘eligibility’ ,Tablerow =1 , Tablecol =1

Hi , if you get solution , please mark the Topic as solved
so that other users can refer to the solution

Happy Automation

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This I will try and let you know. Thanks for your response.