How to capture table format from web portal and place into excel


I have a requirement in webportal when I search with Project number(xxxx1) it will display the results of that project detail in quarter basis For eg: Below is the sample from web portal in which the result of First header as 2columns say for eg (Q1,Q2) under that there are 4 columns for eg: for Q1(Apr,May,Jun,Q1 total) and for Q2(July,Aug,Sep,Q2 total)
In below it display the results of each month how much profit for the particular month. For each month it will have more than 5 to 6 values.
ProjectNo Q1 Q2
Apr May June Q1 total July Aug Sept Q2 total
xxxx1 0 0 234 234 100 0 0 100
xxxx1 10 0 10 20 50 10 20 80
xxxx1 50 30 0 80 5 0 5 10
xxxx1 0 0 0 0 0 5 5 10
xxxx1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
xxxx1 0 0 0 0 0 5 0 5
xxxx1 0 0 0 0 0 5 20 25
Total 60 30 244 334 155 25 50 230

Query1 : How to write this into excel from webportal.the above is the sample format of UIscreen. the same format i need to write into excel
Query 2: When i used screenscrap it will capture the entire Quarterly wise(entire Q1) and stored into single cell not able to capture the month wise.

Please suggest.

Did you try using the data scraping?

we can do this with DATA SCRAPPING
and for this

dont choose YES when such option comes up while data scrapping
instead click on NO and continue with normal steps in data scrapping mapping each field we want

Cheers @asatheeshk21

Yes I tried data scrapping it will capture the entire data and stored into single cell in excel in my case i want to write into separate cell as per the format which i mentioned in topic. whn i used the data scrap it will capture the entire table and store into single cell

i didnt see any option to choose yes or no when used data scraping all the result value stored into single cell, i want to split it up based on the format which mentioned it should capture the same format in excel as well.

When used the data scrap it capture each field but what happened the whole Quarterly wise it capture as a field due to this unable to capture into separate cells


You can use generate data table from given string as input,
use ColumnSeparators as " " (Space) and Newlineseperator as Environment.Newline.
output as datatable

Try this may be its work for you.


I’m using Uipath community version , I dont see any column separators and new line separator. Please suggest


Please find attached image.

Select Generate datatable activity and add Property for Columnseperators and newlineseparators.

Put output Datatable as variable datatable.


In this case, Im getting the value all column values under single column. While doing scrap it will scrap the whole entire table not the single column so when done the generate data table it will write into single column of all the values. How to make into separate column as per in the UI screen