How to capture SFTP log in RPA?

Hi All

We have an FTP command which Bot runs in the command prompt. So the file transfer happens and the ftp log is generated in the path specified in the script.

So sometimes the file transfer is successful and sometimes not which is there in the log file.

So how Bot will capture when is it successful and when not ? Bot’s job is to just run the command and then whatever happens is a part of the script.

But how Bot is going to capture the success scenario and failed scenario ?

Hello @kkpatel

which activity are you using to execute the batch file. Usually what we can do is there should be a return value from batch file and that value shouldbe received in the uipath activity. Then we can match it to find whether it is successfull or not.

If you check the Invoke powershell activity, you can see the output arguments fields.