How to capture Reports -> UploadYearlyReport

Ho to capture these two buttons Reports and UploadYealryReport

I am able to capture the Reports but UploadYealryReport is not available. How to do this?

Please don’t prefer Recording Option.



Please find the attached workflow.

YearlyReport.xaml (8.9 KB)


And also you can use Navigate To activity and pass this URL: Create one browser variable and pass that variable to this Input.

If you want don’t want to create any variable then you can directly use this activity inside Attach browser activity.

@lakshman Thanks a lot but tell me one thing once you use the Hover activity to capture the Report button then how do you use second activity because the Upload YealryReport option is available when we keep the mouse on the Report button.

We can do this by using recording but I don’t prefer recording there.


First use Hover activity and then Hit F2. It will wait for 3 sec then indicate it using click activity