How to Capture OCR value Randomly in specific Page

Hello All,

I trying to get OCR value in specific page, every time my value place will change and I will get different values. But I have the same identification name every time.

I have tried to use Anchor based command But I am facing the issue anchor-based selectors not supported.

For your reference, I have attached the below screenshot. Can you please check and guide me If we have any solutions.

@yogavalli Can you tell me What application are you using, Desktop or web based?

Hello @supermanPunch,

We are using Mobaxterm application. Its based on web application.

@yogavalli It looks like a terminal from the Screenshot :sweat_smile:

Yes @supermanPunch. It’s a Mobaxterm application, which can be used to connect with servers :innocent:.

I want to get data value from particular folder.

Any Help!

@yogavalli Have you tried Screen Scraping ?

try get full text, it looks like would work…

Hello @bcorrea and @supermanPunch ,

I have tried Screen Scraping and Get Full text command both, But where I am facing the issue means every time my value place will change. (for example: now i will get the value in 5th line next time I will get the same value in 10th line).

If I am trying to use OCR or screen scraping command, Every time It’s capturing the same place. But I want to capture my value whenever it’s changes randomly.

i mean, you should capture all screen and find the value for /vol2 after…

@yogavalli I don’t think the Line matters :sweat_smile: , If you are able to Scrape the Complete text and If you have any keyword with your value near it Like in the Screenshot if you want to Extract value 79% and /vol2 is always present for that value then we can use regex to get that value