How to capture next to CON "nextword" in outlook mail with subject error

this data exists in mail body

ICON : 53421
Syntax : empty value error exists 878956 (9121828)

next to icon value i need to save in queue
In 2nd line next to exist value save in queue
and inside bracket value also store in queue

Used the get outlook mailmessage activity under filter used this

@SQL”+Chr(34)+“urn:schemas:httpmail:fromemail”+Chr(34)+“like ‘%[]’"

under assign getout activity o/p = Mailmessage.Where(Function(x)x.Subject.ToString.ToLower.Contains(“Error”)).ToList

for each inside if condition after how can i took the ICON next integer value store in queue ?

please help

U can use regex pattern for this

Use the regex pattern like this

(?<=ICON : ).*


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