How to capture multiple mouse hover on a portal through UiPath?


I have just joined this forum looking to get some help re the UiPath automation that I am trying to achieve. I have tried searching for help but did not seem to get what I am looking for.

Actually, I am trying to automate a process where I need to upload a file onto to a portal. The steps include hovering the mouse on a dropdown menu bar that opens up another option where I need to hover my mouse to get the final option to get the upload button.
E.g. Mouse hover option 1 and then get option 2, mouse over option 2 to get option 3 to upload the file.

Now, I have tried using the ‘mouse hover’ element to capture the ‘option 1’ from the screen but I cannot find a way to capture the second option as UiPath only captures the first mouse hover all the time. Is there a way to get round this problem?

Would be ever so grateful if advised.

Many thanks

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When the Element identication is activated, You can press F3 and it will hold it for 3 Seconds. Within this 3 seconds you can hover over Option 1 & let the 2nd Menu Option Open. Do not close this popup & let the wait time complete. As soon as the wait is over(i.e. 3 seconds) you should be able to capture the elements from the 2nd menu option as well. Repeat this for the 3rd one.

Let me know if you still see an issue.

Rammohan B.

Hello Rammohan,

Many thanks for your time. Tried your advice however nothing happened when I pressed F3 but F2 worked the way you mentioned even though I could not capture the second mouse hover option. Not sure if I was doing something wrong! Will try again.

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Ya. My bad. Its F2 not F3. :slight_smile:

Can you explain what happens when you try to wait and select that second menu option. I believe if you keep it open and wait till the timeout ends, you should be able to capture it.

Rammohan B.

Hello, apologies for a delayed response!

When I click on F2 the countdown begins while I am able to select the second menu. However, when the countdown ends the menu disappears and nothing gets captured.

Can you please attach a screenshot with all your menu open? Is it possible to access your application.?

Rammohan B. (27.5 KB)

Hello, please see attached. I have included the screen shots of the application. Unfortunately application access is not possible for obvious security reasons, am afraid!

Thanks for your cooperation.

You can use hot key like tab for this…

Hi Subha, Is it working now. My requirement is also something line this. TIA