How to capture multiple field using OCR from multiple page in Pdf

Hi All,

I have one invoice which has multiple pages, When I use ocr to capture data from the first page it’s working, when I capture data from the 2nd page it’s doesn’t capture. Like : I capture invoice number from 1 page and but when I capture Tax from 2nd page it’s capturing but doesn’t show any result because page are not scrolling down automatically. Is there any how can we do this.

2nd. How to open a pdf file, If I use ocr I have to keep my pdf file open, Is there anyway uipath open the pdf file and capture the field and close it.


  1. For capturing the 2nd Tax, you have to use Send hot key events to scroll down the page.

  2. Open a pdf file using open application

But i will suggest to use Regular expressions to extract data from PDF.

Thanks for your kind response.

Can you explain more, since I am using open Application and give the file path it’s not opening, Its opening the adobe reader .exe file.

How can I open the pdf file capture field and close it.


What do you mean by regular expression. It’s not for capturing one or two field I have 3 pages pdf and all field are on different -2. So it’s not a correct way to to use scroll down and up again and again. Any other method rather this.

I have used “Start Process” set .exe file and and pdf file name, but doesn’t worked.

Hi @balkishan,

Use Open Application Activity to open the PDF rather that Start Pocess. Pass the name of the file along with extension in Argument.

Hope it helps.


It doesn’t worked, it open the Adobe reader not the pdf fil.

It will open the PDF file. Can you please share the workflow. I will help you with that.


I mean .xaml file