How to capture date and time stamp of a process when it ends succesfully?

Can we get date and time of a process when it is executed succesfully in uipath?

Hey @Mithesh_Reddy_Bolla

You could add a logmessage with the date and time when it is succesfully? Personally I would add it to the logfields since it can be helpful to know the time of errors as well. (See SetTransactionStatus).

Hope this helps!
Kr, ElectricBoogie

i had created 2 variables startdate and enddate . and assigned them to now.tostring .
but if i use log message i am unable to get date and time.

Please see the overview below @Mithesh_Reddy_Bolla:

One more tip… keep a file with all the Tips you gather over time. Will save you a little of time and struggles in the future. :wink:

Personally I think it would be a better practice when you add it to logfields. But, this technically doesn’t make a difference. Please close this issue when this was helpful/ answered your problem.

Good luck!