How to capture data which is coming on mouse over

Hi ,
I am trying to read data which is coming on mouse over from below link
but not able to read.Can anyone please help to show how to read data which is coming on mouse over on follower.

You can use the UI Automation > Element > Mouse > Hover activity to hover the mouse over the element.

Then you will use the Get Text activity to scrape the elements that appear after the hover. You can use a 3 second delay (press F2) while indicating the element which gives you time to manually hover and then indicate the element that appears.

Additionally, Twitter has a very robust API. It’s far faster and more reliable to use the API instead of UI automation. I’d recommend using the API instead.

I have tried the above solution but its not working when pressing f2 to indicate as soon as mouse pointer moves data also hides.I have passed the link you can try at your end.

have a check on get attribute to this element and readout the value from attribute with name title

Already check with get Attribute but nowhere it is displaying actual figure as shown in image on mouse over.

this only telling half: which attribute was fetched, which element was indicated?

kindly note FF and chrome looks like this on our machine: