How to capture data or specific string from .txt file?

IS there anyone knows how to capture data or specific string from .txt ?
I use Scrape Scraping get information like picture, and then out put them as .txt fileRPSPUSH3.txt (786 Bytes)
but i dont kwno how to get “rps_id:1234572”
BELOW IS the picture and sample file.

I tried just scraping small area only for it, but some times it cant distinguished 3 & 8, also if string at other place it might output something very strange…
THougt it might better scraped full text then catch information inside
Any advice all makes me appriciate alot.

as it looks like json we can try to handle it like this:

ensure uipath.webApi.Activities are referenced with the dependecy manager

use the text output from the scraping and pass it to the deserialize json activity
this retrurns a JObject - myJObject

the value can now be retrieved within an assign activity:
left side: myValueVar
right side: myJObject(“rps_id”).toString

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CAN you showTestCase.xaml (7.6 KB)
Because i am a noob, not sure how to do what you said…
i send you what best i can doright now(by following your insturaction), hope you can sent me back your xaml or screen shot of what you mean how to do… i am not really familliar about activities, i am just a begginer!
Thank you!!


TestCase_V2.xaml (4.6 KB)


You are a genius!!!
IT work!!!
Thank you sooo much

Here is a nice video which explains json value extraction step-by-step:

ok, thanks

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