How to Capture data in an URL as an attribute

Hi everybody,

I’m trying to capture some data from this url:

I want to capture only the company name: Wireless
Company name can change for different URL

Can somebody help please

Thank you

Hey @Prog

Well i have already posted one solution before on the forum which parses parameters from passed URL string.
So suppose in your URL string userName parameter is containing value and same like others.

if you want particular text even after perform string manipulation how you want it

Sample as per your Url: - How to Capture data in an URL as an attribute.xaml (8.2 KB)

Output will be: -


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Hi @Prog,

If you using the same user in next login in should work this: (2,1 KB)

Please test it and if dosent work send me some example of url then i cach changes in pattern.


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Thank you very much @fudi5

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If u need change it just write to me.