How to capture browser console logs

Hello, Can someone help to capture browser console logs using UiPath?

I need to extract all error logs/ information coming on browser console while URL is being loaded.
I tried using screen scrapping but it won’t help if alignment changes on different machine.



hi @SheetalAkhud,
Did u try enabling logging while launching?

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@Naveen_tg … no … could you help to do that please?

Hi @SheetalAkhud,

i) To Enable logging from the command line using the flags:
start chrome --enable-logging --v=1

This logs everything Chrome does internally, but it also logs all the console.log() messages as well. The log file is called chrome_debug.log and is located in the User Data Directory.
For example:
User Data Directory: C:\Users\Naveen\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data

ii)Or you can simply right click on console there will save as option you can use it and save your log files in specified location.