How to capture a selector with dynamic id


I am trying to capture some cell data from an html table and copy those data to another cell but the problem is i am unable to capture the data because selector id get change every time, so is there any other way to do this task?


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You can try with datascrapping, you will get entire data in a datatable

After that you can filter the datatable with filter datatable activity and get the required results

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@ksrinu070184 thanks for reply. It is Web SAP UI i need to make changes then i need to update those in SAP. If i scrap into data table then how i can update those values.

Try export to excel option in SAP application.
And read the read the required column data from it.

Could you please share a selector?

Below are the two examples these id changes after some time.

Test Test

< td id=“WD01AF” subct=“STC” lsdata="{2:‘EDIT’}" acf=“CSEL” ut=“3” cc=“1” class=“urSTC urST3TD urCursorClickable urSTTDRo2” style=“white-space: normal; vertical-align: top;” >< span id=“WD01B0-r” class=“lsTextView–root lsControl–valign”>Test< / span >< / span >< / td >

Export excel is not an option there