How to capture a process event log?

Hey guys, this humble rookie has some difficulties with UiPath. Currently i have a process that read all the pdf documents in a folder, and based on the length(total number of words) of that document, the Bot will choose different path of the process. Now, lets say i have 10 documents in this folder, is there a way i can capture an event log of each process run? like:

document 1: read pdf >> send email
document 2: read pdf >> send email >> open
document 3: read pdf >> send email >> open
document 4: read pdf >> send email >> open
document 5: read pdf >> send email
document 6: read pdf >> send email >> open

document 10: read pdf >> send email >> open

And from this log, we can tell which path has higher probability ? - just an illustration below to demonstrate what i mean

Well im not sure if this can help, but every process path you are taking, log the path name.

Then you can have a report process that can search the log files and get the count and give you a % of each one taken.

Hi @nadim.warsi, thank you so much for replying me. Where can i find this log result after running the process with "add log fields) activity?

Logs are created in:
< user directory >\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs

Hi @nadim.warsi, i figured it out but the log is quite not what im looking for. Currently i’m using “Smart log” add on. This activity actually creates a log of all of times you runs the process with customized message.

But as mentioned, this log is built with manually customized messages. Hence if i add 1 or more activities in the process, i will need to change to log message too. Do you happen to know any other way to make this “Event capturing- log creating” situation to be “smarter” ?