How to capture 2 warnings at one page of application and place in excel

application opened page of E after entering 2 fields and press button “Next”
then it wil go to next page of F means it will be success
if the page is not moving to F page means it will shows warning capture that warning and place in excel.

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You could use Element Exists activity.

##Add data in particular column with mix of 3 variables -using add data row

I want to capture all warnings in application and store in excel

i have used the element exists next 3 case used if condition inside will be get text to capture warnings after that using “Add data row” activity under properties “Array row” mentioned as array all coumns details under last column i need to add all warnings
everytime will not get warnings based on input mismatches cases get warnings- i have 3 cases of warnings used 3 get text activities then have 3 variables

those variables i am just trying to use in add data row under last column…
please suggest wt mistake i did
one thing for happy flow cases all varaibles will be empty

Arrayrow (Properties)
{row(“Buyer”).ToString,row(“Supplier”).ToString,row(“Whs”).ToString,row(“Item number”).ToString,row(“Pln ord”).ToString,(warn_error_text.ToString+warng_text.ToString+warningplnqty_text.ToString)}


Create a variable like datarow datatype then in assign variable use assign activity datarow_variable= datatable.newrow to create new row in datatable
After that assign other value in value like your warning text if helpful pease mark as solution

ok fine, I will do that

under if condition I just want mention all 3 warning variables contains “Warning” or “Planned” text inside need to write in excel

please suggest the condition

Is this work, but how can I add Planned text or
case is “Warning” or “Planned”

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please suggest

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