How to Call wsdl using uipath

Hi All,

I need to call a method of wsdl by passing paramters(uid string, password string, params stringarray). Anyone having any idea to call a method of wsdl using uipath.

@aman7790 download UiPath.Web.activities package from Manage Package in your project and then use SOAP Request activity

@Arpit_Kesharwani I tried using soap client activity but getting an error message that method not found.

@aman7790 Can you please share more details on it.

I have a wsdl link and there are more than 20 methods of that wsdl.
I need to pass 3 parameters to call a method(Lets say executenumberswithlogin):

  1. Username string
  2. Password String
  3. Params string arrayname1:value1, name2:value2)

Any idea how to pass parameters in array form?