How to call UiPath Orhestrator API to trigger a workflow

Clicking a button in my custom application.
Then it should trigger the necessary job in Orchestrator. How can I achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Prem1

By Using Orchestrator API you can achieve the Bot Triggering :slight_smile:

Orchestrator API Reference( V2018.4) Stable LTS


Hey aksh,

Could you please tell me what i need to add in button properties, like URL of UiPath API with arguments…


hELLO i am facing the same issue, did you find th solution?

Hi @lndiop

See here for one possibility:

I want to use Orchestrator APÏ, I am learning on Swagger Website but when i try the response is " no content"

The link I suggested includes a sample project, you might want to give it a try :slight_smile:

Hello I start job in swagger ; but when i try to call orchestrator APi in ajax Jquery it doesn’t work.

@ lndiop and @ Prem1

Please find the video.

Maybe it’s late but you can have a look.


In this video you see how to Trigger Process from 10 software:

Cristian Negulescu