How to call particular workflow from Orchestrator without calling main.xaml file

I have list of workflows in one main.xaml file. I want to call particular workflow from orchestrator without calling main.xaml file.

Hi @rajasekhar_Tandasa

  1. Create a separate Process in Orchestrator for the workflow you want to call directly. This could be another .xaml file containing the specific workflow or a separate process created from a different main.xaml file.
  2. Publish the workflow you want to call as a separate Process in Orchestrator. This will create a separate package for that workflow.
  3. Once both the main process and the workflow process are published in Orchestrator, navigate to the Jobs page.
  4. Create a new job by clicking on the “New Job” button.
  5. In the Job Details section, select the appropriate Process from the drop-down menu. Choose the process that corresponds to the workflow you want to call directly.

Hi @rajasekhar_Tandasa

For calling the file from orchestrator, you will have to publish the file directly.

However if you create a batch and run the xaml through cmd, you should be able to achieve that.
Please follow the below thread:

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