How to call Java method passing two parameter from uipath and return type print on Uipath "messge box "

I have one scenario that is:-
i have to pass two parameter from UIpath input box to calculate in Java method “add(int a, int b)” and return type int will print on uipath “Message Box”;

how can i send uipath input variable value to Java code method and return type print uipath “Message Box”

Hi @pankajs3

Could you check our example at the bottom of this documentation page?

Nevermind, I’ve already suggested that in the other thread :slight_smile:

I have same requirement its possible to share any example Xmail that help.

_For addition of two number that also help.

Anurag Sharma


Even I have the same requirement. Is there a solution for this.
Can someone please share a example workflow if possible.