How to call a workflow that contains mail integration in a custom input activity?

I have a custom input dialog where I’m having Dropdown option (basically the option contains employee names eg. John, Smith) and a button ( Name of button is "Notify thru Email) configured in it.

IF user select “John” from available Dropdown option and when click on Notify thru Email button THEN
I should send an email to John to notify some message to him.

How can i do this functionality in uipath with custom input activity created using Html?

Hi @sk.mansoorali618,
Can you explain me the details. You have a ready page where you need to use dropdown and button using Studio, or you want to build such thing with Studio?

First I would like to Thank for responding to my question here. :clap::grinning:

No I need to build a custom input as per the above need.

According to me - I thought I should create a workflow/sequence to send mail integration in studio and To
Invoke/call that sequence/workflow which contains the mail integration activities.

In my case I have a custom input where in I need to incorporate two more additional fields One is to have Dropdown and other as Button (Notify thru Email).
If user clicks Notify thru Email then email should be send to the recipient without closing the current custom input window.

Hmmm it is possible but will be not that easy. I can route you what you can use. Assuming that number of users are known/limited you can use UiPath.Form.Activities and create such form where you can build dropdown items and buttons. Having this you can pass data through argument/variables to email body template and send it across users.

Actually I’m having a custom input created thru html where in I have dropdown and Notify button created in that html form. The question here is how can i invoke mail functionality to that Notify named Button in the html form.

Yes the number of users are less than 10 in my case and how to send a mail notification when user clicks on Notify button

For HTML prepared form you can’t just simply invoke mail activities. To do that you need either push somehow data from the website to file (text file or something) from which you could grab it by studio and perform the rest. Or use webhooks.

Yeah it’s not that easy I believe but If you could help me with a simple functionality with an (.xaml) file it will be very useful for me to go thru it.

It’s not that simple. each HTML application requires it’s own setup. I can give you hints step-by-step (based on your information) how it can be achieved with the easiest way:

  1. Make your HTML form to save selected data in file txt/excel after each submit
  2. Grab this file with Studio. For example Read Range activity for xlsx file.
  3. For each column perform send mail with data taken from file.