How to calculate ROI through Insights?

Good morning all,

I’m dealing with a situation now that requires me to come up with a dashboard that tracks FTE savings per employee through Insights.

Unfortunately, the FTE savings per minute/job/FTR – all of that information lies in Automation Hub.

Is there a way for us to make like a bargraph that says if processname=X, value =runtime/Y?

This seems like a very arduous way of doing things, but its the only way I can think of to accomplish this.

Just to give you a quick insight (no pun intended) of what I’m proposing, but failing:

hi @amarsrivastava, have you seen the ROI dashboard?

Hey @Michelle_Yurovsky!

I did check it out, but the thing is our executives are looking for particular metrics. There’s a lot of things from the prebuilt ROI center we can borrow, like the Dollars Saved:


However, I opened it up and I’m a little confused by the condition:

Where are the baselines located? How do we edit those?

Where did you get this formula?

Current Money Saved formula shows me -

How do I change $ sign to Kr in the ROI dashboard

Hey there, just go to edit the widget where you want to change it, click the little “123” button on the bottom right, and then just change to your desired currency