How to calculate ROI through Insights?

Good morning all,

I’m dealing with a situation now that requires me to come up with a dashboard that tracks FTE savings per employee through Insights.

Unfortunately, the FTE savings per minute/job/FTR – all of that information lies in Automation Hub.

Is there a way for us to make like a bargraph that says if processname=X, value =runtime/Y?

This seems like a very arduous way of doing things, but its the only way I can think of to accomplish this.

Just to give you a quick insight (no pun intended) of what I’m proposing, but failing:

hi @amarsrivastava, have you seen the ROI dashboard?

Hey @Michelle_Yurovsky!

I did check it out, but the thing is our executives are looking for particular metrics. There’s a lot of things from the prebuilt ROI center we can borrow, like the Dollars Saved:


However, I opened it up and I’m a little confused by the condition:

Where are the baselines located? How do we edit those?

Where did you get this formula?

Current Money Saved formula shows me -