How to calculate data from two columns and store it in third

Hi everyone,
I have two columns named qty and rate and i want the result of qty*rate in my third column as shown in the pic.
What is the process for that?

you require the sum?

Use the formula in write cell activity as A2 * B2, then use auto fill range to multiply the values all the range in excel


Try this:

  1. Read rang Excel.
  2. For each row result step 1.
  3. Assign : row(“qty*reate”) = (Cint(row(“qty”)) * Cint(row(“rate”))).ToString

1.Use excel application scope to read excel file.
2.In excel file apply formula in C2 cell…

3.Then use auto fill range activity and pass fill range in properties panel.

try this.
Read the excel file.
Use for each row.
In for each row use assign=
row(2) =(cint(row(0))*cint(row(1))).ToString
Then write to the excel file

which write activity should i take

one which is under workbook, that is “write range”

ok now in write range what should be the cell and data table?

just keep the cell blank,and select the data table which u used in for each activity.Dont forget to include add headers

cool it worked. thank you so much

You are welcome.

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