How to caculate xaml's file activities’ Quantity

I want to count xaml’s file activities’ Quantity, include invoke’s files
is there API in uipath?Or some other ideas


Welcome to the uipath community.

Do you want to count activities used within one workflow ?

hello, thanks a lot. Yes, i want to make statistics to count each xaml file’s activities’ Quantity
include invoke’s xaml file. so what i want to know uipath has this method?
@lakshman. i don’t care what activities is. just numbers. but problem is invoke files


Invoke workflow will be other xaml file right.

@lakshman yes, i know . what i want is count all these activities Quantity
A.xaml activities , if A.xaml invoke B.xaml
so all activities = A.xaml activities + B.xaml activities
is there statistics method in uipath

as xamls are xml files analysing with XML related technologies would be an option.
At our end we are using e.g. Xquery for such tasks.
XML processing within uipath on the xamls should work as well