How to build robot to create emails and attach a specific attachment from the windows folder

Hi there,

I would like to build a procedure which creates and sends bunch of emails with attachement.

I have an excel list which consist of 2 columns (among others) that i want to use in my robot - column A and column B.
Column A includes email address of people to which the email should be sent
column B includes the names of the files (pdf files created already by a separate robot) that are saved in a specific windows folder ON my PC that i want to attach to the email.

I aim to:

  • loop through list in excel and create email for each email address (using email address in
    column A)
  • attach the specific pdf file (using name in column B)
  • save all emails in a specific Inbox
  • send all emails

Can anyone provide some advise on how to do it.

Many Thanks

Hi @Paulos29

Did u send all mail one by one or all at once

I am not cleared with your 3rd and 4th point

Hi Nived,

Thank you for responding to me.
The method of sending the email does not really matter - either way is ok.

The important bit is to have a separate email for each email address indicated in Excel file and correct pdf file attached to each email.

By point 3 i meant saving all produced emails in either Draft or Outbox folder of Outlook etc. But I would like to understand how to specify a specific email Inbox to which all of the emails can be saved in (different team email Inbox).

Hope it makes it clearer.

Kind Regards

Hi @Paulos29 ,

Assuming that you’re using Outlook as an email client, please find below one simple solution to your query:

Here is the test file: SendEmailsWithAttachment.xaml (5.9 KB)

All the email that you’re sending will be automatically stored within the “Outbox” folder

Hope this helps
Best regards,

Great , thanks Marius.
This is a very similar concept to what I created however yours works as opposite to mine. Thanks

Is there an option to select a specific inbox i.e. if i am on distribution list for 2 different teams can I somehow select Draft folder under one team email address i am member of or is it not possible?

Getting this error message but nothing else:


Hi @Paulos29 ,

This kind of error is thrown mostly because the email address is not correctly written. Perhaps one or more of your input email addresses are missing the . (dot) from their structure.

Could you please share more details about your distribution list.

Thank you!

Thanks Marius, I resolved the issue by adding some additional conditions.

See below:

I am struggling with creating the email for the scenario in which i have more that 1 recipient for the email. When i put 2 email addresses into my excel file under “Email address” column it generates an error.

Any idea how to overcome it?

Hi @Paulos29 ,

Please make sure that two consecutive email addresses are delimited by a semicolumn;

Best regards,