How to build multiple paths for webpage dropdown options

Hello fellow UiPath users,

I was wondering if someone is able to assist me with my problem.

I am currently building a process which requires selecting dropdown values in a webpage based on criteria provided in the input file, which is of a csv format.

My issue here is that there are 2 dropdown fields, and the values of the 2nd dropdown do not appear until the first one is selected. Both the dropdown values are provided in separate columns of a csv and I am working in a for each loop.

I am aware to select the items we have to use a “Select Item” activity, which works fine. But my question is more on whether there is any way to form

I was thinking of using a flow switch but it seems there is a limit to the number of scenarios which can be used in the flow switch (unless there is something I’ve missed - relatively new to UiPath). Would like to avoid using multiple Ifs because there are quite a few different permutations/combinations.

Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if you need any screenshots etc.


What’s your problem if you have the dropdown values from csv? You can select item the first dropdown, then add a delay or other checker (e.g. element exists, on element appear) of 2nd dropdrown before selecting an item.

Hi @Emman_Pelayo - I am looking for suggestions to build in the logic without using multiple if conditions.

Eg. for each 1st dropdown selected, there are around 10 possible values for the 2nd dropdown. I did a big more digging and flow switch is seeming to be the most suitable option, unless there could be some other way to do it as well?

I see. Seems flow switch will be your best option if you have a defined logic per possible values. Then add a default case so if there’s an additional on the 10 possible values or an option that you haven’t covered yet on your logic, it will not cause error.

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