How to Block UiPath community Edition IDE and run the process via the Agent

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  1. I want to run developed automated process on the business user computers through assistant
    but the issue is I want to block uipath studio from their computers so they are unable to
    the process or do any development as this is a security risk. Is it possible to run the process t
    through the assistant while also blocking uipath IDE.

  2. Can I know how to block the UiPath studio while allowing to run the process through the

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If you are a Enterprise customer then you have a chance to install only the UiPath Assistant to the Robot machines

But in Community Version there is no way to install only UiPath Assistant, It will be along with the Studio

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Hi @Srini84 ,

Thank for your reply. I want to know how to block UiPath community Edition studio for the specific users



Simple, you don’t install the studio to the specific user VM’s
Install only UiPath Assistant in the specific VM’s, but this will happen if you have Enterprise Licensing

currently there is no option to block the studio in the community Edition

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Hi @DinukaThilakarathne ,

Most Probably, the Processes are Attended, In that case if you do have control over the licensing, then we can make the Robot as Attended (Attended User).


Even here, The UiPath Studio Still can be opened up, but users would not be able to Modify through UiPath Studio as the xaml files would be Read-Only.

However, they could Delete the Files of the Project from Outside the Studio. (i.e accessing the Project Folder)

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Thank you !! your support

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