How to become MVP


Some of the users are already marked as MVP. are they hand picked ? How can i be an MVP in RPA



All you have to do is to contribute with innovative ideas, help people here in the Forum, participate on the UiPath Go! platform (sharing custom activities, snippets, frameworks etc) and help our UiPath Community :smiley: You just have to keep rocking!

If you want to know more about the MVP program:

Hope you become an MVP someday!



Thanks for the tips. looking forward.:compass:


So does a human(s) at UiPath arbitrarily select people who are doing the above things and designate them as MVP?


seems so. since there is no strict guidelines are not mentioned. contribute to community & learn & upgrade yourself. somebody will choose u as MVP :wink:


Well given that over 8,000 people are using the UiPath RPA training courses I created… I would hope I qualify as an “influencer” who is helping people on a global scale :slight_smile:


Hi @octechnologist,

We have an eye on you :slight_smile: