How to be a junior RPA?

I completed RPA Developer Foundation learning plan and now I’m practice on some use cases, I don’t know when I can say I’m ready to apply to a job, which is the additional skills should I have, any other resources should I be aware of them and any other communities should I join in.
If anyone have any advice for me I will be so grateful :sparkling_heart:

WE would recommend to continue the learning With the advanced course from uipath Academy

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Hello @esraa_elzoghby ,

To apply for RPA domain jobs, recommending to complete the advanced courses in the UiPath academy which is a well organized training materials which can make you capable of learning almost all the topics with handson experience.

So install the UiPath and try developing the workflows and get the practical skills,.

Then you can find many job oppurtunities in Linkedin or job portals or even in community forum also you can find many job recomendations.

But gain confidence by do all the trainings with practicals.

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