How to avoid too many connections

Hi folks

How we can avoid this error in browser?

I’m trying to do some automation on my browser.i got this error after 300+ approach.


I hope the error is not due to the browser @ganesh_rajan , It is application specific restriction :slight_smile:

If it is browser, then close the old tabs after the process is completed so that the count of tabs will be reduced


You can try the Following.

  1. If element Exist ,Too many connections - True
  2. Send some Hotkey (space space or Tab Tab and Enter) - This you have to figure out i application that from which Keyboard keys you are able to ignore this pop up
  3. If step 2 Fails , Use an Ui Automation to click on the checkBox and then Click I’m a Human


But I’m using Navigate browser activity

then it will throw some image verification

Then this is for sure the application restriction. You can change it if you are the admin or the owner of that application or the server which it is deployed @ganesh_rajan

do you mean my sign in account?

No, the server where the application is deployed @ganesh_rajan

can you explain what are you trying to automate?

trying to do scrap some dictionary words in that website

Then in that case ,
I would suggest you to put some random delays between your scrapping.

You can take an assign activity and get a Random number between 5- 10 sec depending on site using
rand.Next(5, 10))

Use the Output of the random function and put it in delay (This will put a random delay between scrapping)


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ok,will try