How to avoid Studio Auto-Update?

Hi everyone,
is there a way to prevent UiPath Studio to auto-update?

I have to keep the environment as stable and coherent as possible thus i would like to stop automatic updates (both the packages and the Studio).

Suggestions anyone? Thank you.

Is there a way to stop auto-update for studio in community edition.

Hi @Rajasegar94

There is no way to stop Studio Community Edition from auto-updating. This ability comes only with enterprise edition.


Thanks @loginerror for the sharing.

What version did they start this problem?

hi @loginerror

How can I turn it off for the entreprise edition please ?

If you have the Enterprise Edition (a valid license key), auto-update is automatically turned-off.

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can use enterprise version studio installer with community license ?

hi, how do you do this in enterprise edition? thanks.

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It comes out of the box - the Enterprise MSI installer, when activated with a non-free license, will not auto-update.


ic. so there is a separate installer for enterprise. got it. thanks!


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