How to avoid queue to load again when system exception happens and Init state is executed due to retry?

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We are using RE framework. If any system exception happens bot moves to the Init state for retry. But because of that the queue is loaded again and everything in the Init state executes again.

So how to avoid the queue to load again ?

Hi @kkpatel

Are u loading queue items from init state?


Then in init state if u look there is if condition which specify the config is nothing

Config is nothing implies that workflow is running at first time and it set up all config dictionary values so since u want to add queue at first time only , so put the adding queue item section in the then section of that if activity

This is logic I want to tell you

You can modify it Accordingly

Hope it helps

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I got your point. In normal RE framework that condition is there. But the customized framework which we have received from our client there that condition is not there which will specify if it is a first run.

What to do in this case ?

Like while intialising the config section there is if Condition there

Is it there ?


Can you share the REFramework you have?

so it’s helps to understand your issue


Hi @NIVED_NAMBIAR @ksrinu070184

I understand your point. Let me check with the concerned team about the framework. Then will get back.