How to avoid overwriting existing rows that already have values?

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I have this datatable where I have to fill out the blank rows of these columns: Type of Project, Type of Service, and Status. For the blank rows of the said columns, the values that I have to write is this:

Note: The picture above should not be written in a sheet. It is just the condition that needs to be done if the rows for Type of Project, Type of Service, and Status columns are blank.

I think I made it but when I checked the output where the rows of the said columns that have the values before running the robot disappear. In the picture below, the highlighted rows disappear after running the robot:

Are there any other activities that I have to add in my existing workflow for me to avoid the disappearance of the said highlighted rows in the picture above?

Kindly see attached files for the workflow and the excel file being used. Thank you.

Main.xaml (16.6 KB)
SampleExcelFile.xlsx (114.8 KB)

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You can apply the condition like
In for each row activity
If row(“Status”).Tostring.Equals(“”)
In then condition you can keep all actions
And in else condition you can keep continue activity


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try this
Main (1).xaml (17.5 KB)

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sorry try this instead,

Main (1).xaml (17.7 KB)

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It already worked. Thank you so much, Sir. This will be a very big help. I just have few questions:

1.) Is Continue activity used to skip items in a loop?
2.) In the code “Information.IsNumeric(CurrentRow(“Project Code”)) = True”, what is the purpose of Information reserved word?

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Robert Monsalud

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