How to avoid IBM Communicator (Emulator) Login Prompt message

Hi Developers,

We are facing prompt message while login into IBM Communicator (Emulator). It occurs first time while invoking the emulator after server restart. We are not able to automate the same because of it occurs on exact on Terminal session activity (not before Terminal session activity and not after Terminal session activity) that’s why not able to get the selectors to get the pop up and put the credentials. Attaching screen shot.

Please assist on this, it would a great help.
Thanks in advance.

Ganesh A.

Hi @ganeshatkale

Yes, I had the similar problem as you. I solved it using “Parallel” activity:

The Right part of the flow is to check the login pop up, and the left part is the logic of the Host session.

Hope you understand my friend, it will solve your problem.

If you dont do that, UiPath will always wait to finish the Host connection, and the Host connection will never end because its waiting to UiPath write its credentials… So you need this activity :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Pablo_Sanchez for your prompt reply.

Have you given any condition in parallel activity, if in case of pop up do not occur ?

@ganeshatkale you are welcome.

No. Because if you open the Host session using the IBM Personal Com. you will always get this popup as way to login in the session.

EDIT: suposse that you wont get the popup… In this case you should use a logic like:

  • First: Element Exists activity.
  • Second: If the element exists -> Do “X” things (your logic)

If you try to type into in something that wont appear, I guess that UiPath will give you an error, because type into has timeout and that activity has to be done if its in the right part. But if you use element exists, you can put an if activity in which if something appear, you can write what you want.

Hope you understand me my friend.