How to avoid duplicate row while adding item to queue?

thanks for answer…


How about this

Dt_RemoveDuplicate = Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True)



  1. If you want add item(s) which are not added before means, simply set the unique reference error exception as nothing instead of throwing error so that the BOT will add the missed items to the queue.
    Basically, error will be there but you are not taking any action since it is excepted one in your case.

  2. If you are adding data from Excel file then get unique data
    → Dt.DefaultView.ToTable(True) and then add in queue.

Thank you.

Hello @Pavan_P_J

The best method is to remove the duplicates from the datatable itself before uploading. Else you can add a reference number which should be a unique value.


If you want to do that, you also have to set the Queue to “unique reference = yes”

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