How to avoid blue screen error?

Does anyone have any idea of this error -" Your pc ran into error it will take some time to fix errors" -unable handle k mode exception (igdkmd64.sys) or system.exception

I have excel file in which I am using loop to count names and one if condition. but sometimes when I execute XAML file pc will show the above error and it restarts automatically.

Can anyone able to solve this problem or any idea regarding this ??

is this problem occurring due to XAML file ?
due to loop ?
due to excel ?
due to system ?

please help me…

Hi @Pavannaik,

If your Excel file has got too many rows and if you have several decisions to make , then the execution of the Bot is a little slow.

Does your system normally gives such error when you perform basic operation on your system ?
If not then it might be because of this BOT.

This error seems like a Hardware/Driver Error. Are your drivers Updated.

Excel file has maximum 70 rows but I am using loop frequently.

System will not give any error during basic operation.

Drivers updated - I have to check with system admin

I dont think thats too many rows .

Still such system error should not come,as it is fine.

Does this system shutdown happens every time you run this particular BOT ? or is the behavior same when you run other BOTs as well.

Check if there are too many processes which is causing over usage of RAM consumption.


Having a quick look on the web, this seems like to be related to graphic card driver. Have you tried to update your driver?


System will shut down once out of three times.
I have checked with Ram. No other process is running other than this.

Thank you

I will check with that