How to avoid and stop selector repair

when I run the program always need to repair the selector
How can I stop this?


Remove Title attribute and check once.


Is the issue got solved ?

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You may need to implement wildcards like * into your selectors in order to remove parts of the selector that might change between automation. It’s hard to tell without seeing the full selector what to change.

I would recommend looking at some of the academy courses they cover wildcards and how to use them.


its not work
i having same problem continuously

Hi @Mahesha_Mendis,

Use powershell to open your access city.accbd file then use attach windows activity and take your type into inside.


Hi Mehesha_Mendis,

Did your problem was solved? I’m having the same problem.

Finally was solved only updating the property, WaitForReady to COMPLETE, I hope this helps others.