How to automatically recover the screenshoots

Hi! I really need to know if there is a way to recover the thumbnail images (the images from the “.screenshoots” folder) from the activities. I erased it (PERMANENTLY from the recycle bin) by accident i now need a way to automatically retrieve them back, is there a way?


Press Ctrl+Z or check it in Recycle Bin if you didn’t delete permanently.

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If you haven’t done a permanent delete (Shift+Del), the deleted screenshot will be in recycle bin.
Open recycle bin, check for the screenshots(You can check by Original Location), select the items, right click and click on restore.

Congrats… The images are restored.

It was permanently, that´s why i asked the question!


You need to use any third party application to recover deleted files. Check it in google and you will find any free software to do this.

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Without Recovery software , its hard to restore the deleted files but we have other commanding options to restore .
Try this and let us know if it works

  1. Open Windows Command Prompt and run it with administrator privilege.
  2. Type: chkdsk X: /f and hit Enter
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i dont want to recover the deleted images, i want to know if there is a native way or third party activity from Studio to AUTOMATICALLY create the images again.

I don’t think studio has a option for it . it occupies unwanted space in disk.
Clearing it in time will be appreciable.

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