How to automatically move from 1 row to another if login to Web Portal fails

Hey folks ,

I am stuck at place where I have to pass data from excel to web based application . The data which I have to pass is “URL” , “Username” , “Password” .

The process follows like :
1.) Bot read the excel file
2.) Open Browser
3.) Enter URL and hit enter
4.) Enter Username , Password and click Login
5.) After this just click the logout button.

Now the thing is the above process is done ,and what I need is :

  • List item If any of the URL is missing in excel or URL supplied is incorrect in the excel

  • List item If username/password is missing in excel or username/password supplied is incorrect ,

Then for these above conditions , The robot should handle this exception , and should automatically move to another row .

And Finally It should fill “PASS (If URL , Username , Password all were good)” or “FAIL (If URL or Username or Password any on them failed)” in the STATUS column of Excel

I am attaching my excel sheet and Workflow pictures for reference .Please help me regarding this.

Excel : image
Workflow : ExceptionHandling.xaml (28.5 KB)

ExceptionHandling.xaml (28.5 KB)

Hope this helps

This the same file , which I posted .

SOrry wrong fileExceptionHandling.xaml (29.3 KB)


Thanks @Athira , It is working as expected

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