How to automatically login with SSO

After setting up SSO, i am still having to click the windows button to redirect and sign in

Does anyone know of a way to bypass this?

We have a kiosk set to open Orchestrator on start-up for monitoring purposes. But that doesn’t do much for us if someone still has to physically hit the windows button each day.

Hi @ScarlettRogue

Although I can’t offer an immediate solution, I would suggest you to contact our technical support for assistance:

HI @ScarlettRogue,

Try doing this via below option:

Also, this can be done directly from orchestrator by logging as host admin. We also wanted to get rid of this additional click and then found an option on orchestrator8when logged in as a host), just enabled it and it started logging on its own.

A quick thing it is.


I have been able to locate that parameter in any of the web.config files, do you know if it would be named anything else?

This is going to depend on which version of Orchestrator you are using. As of 2020 you have the introduction of the Identity Server and configuration of External Identity Providers has been moved to the Identity Management Portal.

As you mention web.config, this would lead me to believe you are using 2019 or earlier. If the key is not already in your configuration file, you can simple add it in.

In addition to the Identity Server as of 2020, most of the configuration keys directly related to the Orchestrator service originally stored in web.config has been moved to UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config.

As well, in 2020, if you want access to Domain Users and Groups for your Users / Folders you’ll still be configuring WindowsAuth.Enabled in UiPath.Orchestrator.dll.config along with the mentioned External Identity Provider for the Identity Service.