How to automate writing a message gmail?

Help me. I not understand how to do it : During the start and execution of the robot, you should open a message with the files in the mail gmail.
Files are my attachments in the letter.

I’m trying to understand what you want to accomplish. Correct me if I’m wrong, but do you want to:

  1. Open an existing gmail email message and save the attachments in that mail.
  2. Create a new mail, where the previously saved attachments are attached to the new mail
  3. Send the newly created mail to a specific receiver

I write a robot which make screenshot, and csv file. And I want to write a email with the attachments files. and I want write another one robot. After the run robot will must open a message with created files first robot.

please advise how to do this???/

what should I use???/


I’ve attached a sequence that should do what you want.
It will:

  1. create a new mail.
  2. Put the body that you assign in the “Assign a body to the mail” activity.
  3. Put the subject that you assign in the “Assign a subject to the mail” activity.
  4. Create a list of all the files that should be attached to the mail. Here the default path is C:\temp\ so all files in the temp folder will be added.
  5. Attach all files in the list
  6. Send the mail to “”

I hope this helps.
Main.xaml (9.7 KB)

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