How to automate VBA password protected project

How to automate VBA password protected project

Hello @Bhagyashri_Wani

Can you plz explain more on your requirement? The actual automation requirement is unclear.


Hi ,
I have the process where the VBA project is protected by a different password and I can’t find a solution to unlock it upstream (there is an option only for the password of the file opening in the excel application scope). During the execution of the VBA code I have an error “Invoke vba impossible, protected by a password”. How can i execute my VBA code on a protected password VBA Project (i got the password) ?

You can use 4n6 VBA password remover software to solve this problem. Why am I giving suggestions for this software, you must be thinking the same. Because once I was caught in a similar problem, then after doing a lot of research came to know about this tool when I used this tool, this tool turned out to be very useful. This tool removed the password for all my VBA files in one go. If you do not want to remove the password of your files, then you can also change your recording.