How to automate using the ConvertAPI?

How to upload file in Api(Convert Api) usin uipath.
i want upload file there to convert csv to pdf and later i ned to download it using uipath.

you want to upload the records in orchestrator queue or what is the exact flow you want to do it?

i want to upload csv file in convertapi website to convert it into pdf and then dowload to do it using http in uipath


You can try using this activities package:

It allows you to do REST or even SOAP API call. You can follow the step on your conversion website and create a request base on that using HTTP request

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Along with the references that @Thong_Mai_Tr_ng_Hoang provided, I would review the ConvertAPI documentation and usage.

You could also perhaps see if you can leverage their DotNet Library (or one of the other existing ones) instead of Raw HTTP REST calls.

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